WOMANISH is a movement that explores expressions of identity and perspectives through visual and physical experiences produced by womxn.

What’s up with the “x” in the word “womxn”?

The word “womxn” (spelled with an “x”) represents all forms of women and non-binary people—women who don’t necessarily conform to a stereotypical, gendered female.

How does one join the movement and participate?

Artists participate by sharing their identities and perspectives through their work. Guests participate by showing up to our ongoing WOMANISH panel series and the spring 2020 WOMANISH Exhibit where they can explore their expressions of identity while connecting with other womxn. And everyone can participate by joining these important conversations around female empowerment. #WeAreWomanish

Can men be a part of the movement?

Of course! At WOMANISH, we love it when men show up to support the womxn in their lives. Everyone has thoughts about what womxn’s perspectives are. We all come from womxn and have close relationships with womxn—mothers, daughters, adopted families, sisters, friends. Men will connect with these perspectives, too, because of the womxn in their lives, and connect with the conceptual parts of these perspectives. The goal (for everyone) is to gain an understanding of other peoples’ perspectives and celebrate one another.

How can the public find out about upcoming WOMANISH speaker panels, events and exhibits—and join the conversations?

Visit wearewomanish.com for info and to RSVP to upcoming events. And follow us on Instagram @wearewomanish_(WOMANISH is open to public recommendation and interpretation to advance our movement. Send comments to info@wearewomanish.com.)


What can visitors expect from the WOMANISH Exhibit in 2020?

WOMANISH Exhibit is a full-scale experience exhibition designed to bring awareness to breaking single-definition stereotypes within art, events, and socio-political interactive activations. It will be a unique, 30-day experience for Chicago featuring artists from all mediums who use their art to voice and support womxn’s perspectives and identities. Guests can expect safe and fun spaces to explore womxn’s perspectives and identities while connecting with their own. 

What kind of artists will be exhibiting their work at the WOMANISH Exhibit?

National and local talent of all mediums including, but not limited to, music, scenic photo installs, traditional art, muralists, designers, theatrical groups, dance, solo show exhibitions, and more.

The exhibit’s tagline is “Discover Your ISH.” Tell us about that…

Our ISH’s are the different ways in which we identify as womxn (see below). WOMANISH invites people to “discover their ISH” either by contributing an installation or physical space (artists) or by coming out to experience the Exhibit and discover what ISH’s they relate to (visitors)—and how our different ISH’s look and feel in a visual world.

What are the different “ISH’s” people can explore at the WOMANISH Exhibit?

Selfish, Delish, Moodyish, Censoredish, Consumorish, Publish, Vanish, Paidi$h, Flourish, Cultureish and more. As womxn, we are all complex mixes of multiple ISH’s. The WOMANISH Exhibit will reveal to guests how to explore their unique ISH’s, display how creative womxn explore and express their unique ISH’s, and uncover the beauty and strength in our differences while uniting us all via connectivity and communication. 

Once you discover your “ISH,” what do you do with it?

Throughout the WOMANISH Exhibit, visitors will be able to take conceptual photos during their experiences that highlight their mood and connectivity with the different “ISH” rooms. There will be creative social media giphy kits to customize your experience. Beyond the Exhibit, we will be exploring other areas of the country, inviting artists and guests to the movement. Everyone is invited to share their stories and perspectives via #WeAreWomanish