“Due to COVID-19 we have delayed opening to ensure the safety of our community!”

About Us.

Welcome to a movement that explores expressions of identity & perspectives through visual & physical exhibitions & experiences produced by womxn.

Two sisters have made it their life’s mission to support women and create safe, uplifting, and simply FUN environments to connect in. After years of growth in supporting women by hosting podcasts, workshops, and events, they decided to take their mission to the next level. Together they built a team of progressive women who were already pushing the barrier of experiences in Chicago, with whom they shared their mission. Wanting to connect women in Chicago and beyond, they have begun to develop WOMANISH as a movement that breaks single-definition stereotypes of being a woman and celebrates various womxn’s perspectives through the interactive art of experiences.

Our mission is to create safe spaces for women from all different backgrounds to connect with others while creating a sense of community in an environment designed and imagined just for them.

We cannot wait to introduce WOMANISH to the Chicago community.

The 2020 Womanish Exhibit Experience would not be possible without our team, partners, and the artists involved. This year’s experience includes internationally known artists, Nina Palomba, Angela Palomba, Indra Andreshak, Amanda Harth, Claudia Chanhoi, Brianna Beckham, Madee Moran, Katelyn Patton, Tyler Clark, Jane Georges, Pariss Garner, Jasmine Petersen, Armani Barron, Ariana Bailey. Sound experience design by Jae Rice. In addition, Photography by Lily P. Yang

Founders: Dionna Gray and Danyelle Gray

Creative Director and Producer: Emily Dahlquist

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