“Due to COVID-19 we have delayed opening to ensure the safety of our community!”

About Us.

Welcome to a movement that explores expressions of identity & perspectives through visual & physical exhibitions & experiences produced by womxn.

Two sisters have made it their life’s mission to support women and create safe, uplifting, and simply FUN environments to connect in. After years of growth in supporting women by hosting podcasts, workshops, and events, they decided to take their mission to the next level. Together they built a team of progressive women who were already pushing the barrier of experiences in Chicago, with whom they shared their mission. Wanting to connect women in Chicago and beyond, they have begun to develop WOMANISH as a movement that breaks single-definition stereotypes of being a woman and celebrates various womxn’s perspectives through the interactive art of experiences.

Our mission is to create safe spaces for women from all different backgrounds to connect with others while creating a sense of community in a space designed and imagined just for them.


We cannot wait to introduce WOMANISH to the Chicago community.



WOMANISH pushes the boundaries of socio-political ideas by offering a variety of provocative, creative experiences. Take a seat at the 80s themed diner, discover your inner child in our CHILD-ISH Room.. Dance your heart out in our thrilling PARTY-ISH room or attempt to close the pay gap in our surreal PAID-I$H room. Each space is thoughtfully designed to challenge what we know as the status quo, while helping you explore your own unique ISH.

Where are we located?

WOMANISH is located in the heart of Downtown Chicago, right off of State and Monroe. The 30,000 square foot immersive space consists of 5 floors full of interactive rooms

What’s inside?!

Womanish is incredibly excited to feature 10 installation rooms reflecting thought-provoking, socio-political concepts. Start your experience with a 1950’s vibe in the DELISH room before moving on to CENSOREDISH, a space meant to explore censorship in a juicy way. Next, check out the SELFISH salon to get inspired about self-care or journey back to childhood in the CHILDISH room. No matter where you go or which path you take, it will be a ride you’ll never forget!

Who is involved?

WOMANISH has had the pleasure of collaborating with a vast range of talented artists since our October Launch, including 3D artists, illustrators, designers, and stylists. We’ve made it a key focus to celebrate so many incredible women in the creative community.